Are these courses state approved?

Yes, the course approval numbers are listed in the course descriptions.


Why is this class so inexpensive?

We work in the electrical fields just like yourselves, and we built this course to be affordable for all.


I’m working out of state. Do I still need to take this course?

Yes, you do need to take a code update class to maintain your electrical license.


What is the Sign Up process?

Click on the appropriate button on the front page, or click on the “Enter Classroom” tab.  The computer will then direct you to Michigan Online Classroom.


What is Michigan Online Classroom?

Michigan Online Classroom is the site we use to host the class. That is where the server and the course work is held. For more info go to michiganonlineclassroom.com

Do you share my information with others?

The only entity we share the information with is the state where you are licensed, since they need your personal info to update your license. We do not and never will share your personal information with third parties.


How do I pay for this course??

The sign up form at Michigan Online Classroom accepts Pay Pal.

What if I do not have a Pay Pal Account?

You can pay as a Pay Pal guest without creating a Pay Pal account.


Do you accept other forms of payment?

Yes; you can pay by check or use other forms of payment. Call us at (989) 980-0651 during business hours if you have any questions.


What about the Class itself, is that fully automated?

Yes, once you are enrolled it is smooth sailing. Students are able to complete the course with little or no tech support needed, from beginning to end.


Do I need an internet connection?



Do I need a superfast internet connection?

No. DSL or Cable will do.


Is a textbook required?

The recommended text is the 2014 NEC Code. This book is recommended but not required.


Do I need to be “tech savy”?

No, just a computer, keyboard, and mouse will do. We’ve had students of all levels of computer proficiency take this course and succeed with no problems.


Are there any quizzes and tests?

Yes there are several chapter quizzes along with a final exam. Chapter quizzes are for study purposes and have a 75% required passing score . The final exam has a 75% passing score and you must pass the final exam to earn a course certificate.


What if I do not pass the final exam on the first try?

If you do not pass on the first try you can retake the final as many times as needed.

Is a proctor required for quizzes or exams?


No. The computer keeps track of your time and progress.  There is no proctor needed.


Is a calculator required?



Do I need a printer?

No. You will do fine without a printer.


Can I learn at my own pace?

Definitely. Each course has its’ requirement for learning time.. You can pace yourself over a 3 month period, or do it all in a few days. Most students finish in just a few weeks.


How long do I have to complete this course?

You have 90 days to complete, with one extension available if you do not complete within the first 90 days.


Why study online?

Online is the new way to learn. It allows for a relaxed learning environment where you can proceed at your own pace. It is less expensive than many “on site” classes, and you can save money by not having to travel to and from class or stay in hotel rooms.


Who notifies the state when I complete the course?

We notify the state that you have passed the course.


Do you issue the new license?

No. We send the information to the state. Only the state can issue a license.


Does the course fee cover my license renewal costs?

No. License renewal fees are your responsibility


What about paperwork hassels?

Since we notify the state of your course completion, the only paperwork you will have to do is for your license renewal.


What if I need help with this course?

You can contact us at michiganonlineclassroom@gmail.com. If you want to talk with a live human being, just say so in your email and we’ll give you a call. You can also call us during business hours at (989) 980-0651. If we’re not near the phone we’ll call you right back.


What if I need tech support?

Same as above,


What browsers can I use?

We recommend Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. There are other browsers available but we have not tested them yet. You are welcome to try them if you’d like, just be sure to have IE or Firefox as your default browser in case there is a problem. You can find other browsers at www.alternativebrowseralliance.com/browsers.html